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Go to DHL to pick up passport and visa

When making the appointment during Step 2, you selected a DHL office to pick up your passport and visa if approved.  To review the DHL office you selected, its address, and to check if the visa is ready for pickup:

1) Log into the appointment website or call the appointment center at any of the phone numbers in Step 2.  There is no cost for this service.  You will need to log onto the website using your passport number, date of birth and nationality.

If you had an appointment at the Applicant Service Center only, and not at the Consulate, you may begin checking on the status of your visa pickup approximately one week after your appointment at the ASC.  If you had appointments at both the ASC and the Consulate, you should start checking approximately one week after your appointment at the Consulate.

2) After successfully logging into your account you will see a box with your information.  Under date of birth will appear “applicant status” and “DHL Waybill Number.” 

Please print or write down your “Airway Bill” or “Waybill” number from the website as you will need it to pick up your visa at the DHL office.

If the Airway Bill or Waybill number does not appear, that means that DHL does not have your visa yet.  In this case, you should continue checking the website until the number appears.

3) Visit the DHL website to find out the status of your package.  Once on the DHL site you enter your Airway Bill or Waybill number and will see all movement related to your package.

4) While DHL prefers you have your AWB# at the time of visa pickup you may also request your document with an official government-issued photo identification such as the Mexican voter identification card (IFE).  If you wish to pick up the document on your spouse’s or someone else’s behalf, you must present a notarized authorization from the visa applicant.  If you are picking up the visa for your minor child you must present the child’s birth certificate and your photo ID.

Prohibited Items

  • Prohibited Items Don't forget to check the Prohibited Items to avoid any inconvenience when you visit our facilites.

Still Have Questions?

  • Questions (State Dept)

    If after reviewing all available visa information on our website you still have questions such as:

    1. "How do I apply for a visa?"
    2. "How much does it cost?"
    3. "What's the difference between the adult and minor fees?"

    Please call: (999) 316-7010

    If you have a more specific problem or issue such as:

    1. "I paid the visa fee for all 4 family members but the appointment website is only recognizing payment for 3 of them. What do I do?"
    2. "I applied for my visa two weeks ago and the Vice Consul told me it was approved but the Air Waybill doesn't appear on the appointment website."

    Please send an e-mail to: