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Travel to Mexico
Chichen Itza (State Dept)

Chichen Itza

Please visit the Country Specific Information sheet on Mexico.




Frequently Asked Questions:

1.  Can the Consulate help me locate my loved one?

We will make every effort to locate Americans believed to be in Merida’s consular district (the states of Yucatan, Campeche or Quintana Roo) and are not in communication with family or friends. This is generally done at the request of a family member in the United States. Privacy Act provisions apply to the release of information. If an individual does not grant the consular officer permission, our only alternative after locating someone is to inform him/her that relatives are concerned and to ask the person to communicate directly with the concerned individuals. Please call or send us an email at with as much information as possible about the individual (name, date and place of birth, physical description or a photo and travel plans).

2.  What documents do children need to travel?

On January 2, 2014, the Mexican National Immigration Institute (INM) will begin to enforce a new law with regard to minor (under 18 years of age) travel if:

  • The minor is departing Mexico (i.e. not entering);
  • Traveling by air or sea;
  • Traveling alone or with a third party of legal age (grandparent, uncle/aunt, school group, etc.); and
  • Using Mexican documents (birth certificate, passport, temporary or permanent Mexican residency).

The minor will be required to present a notarized document showing the consent to travel from both parents (or those with parental authority or legal guardianship), in addition to a passport, in order to leave Mexico.  The document should be in Spanish; an English version must be accompanied by a Spanish translation.  The document must be notarized or apostilled (for information, fees, and how to make an appointment for notarial services at the U.S. Consulate in Meirdaplease click here).  The minor should carry the original letter (not a facsimile or scanned copy) as well as proof of the parent/child relationship (birth certificate or court document such as a custody decree, plus photocopies of both parents’ government-issued identification).  To view a sample travel consent letter click here (PDF 9Kb).

According to INM, this new regulation does NOT apply to a minor traveling with one parent or legal guardian, i.e. a consent letter from the missing parent is NOT required.  In addition the regulation is not intended to  apply to dual national minors (Mexican plus another nationality) if the minor is departing Mexico using the passport of the other nationality.  However, if the minor is departing Mexico using the Mexican passport, the regulation does apply.  The Embassy nevertheless recommends that dual nationals travel prepared with a consent letter from both parents.

3.  How can I be kept informed of updates to the current situation?

We encourage all travelers to register their travel plans at the State Department website, not only for updates to the situation in the Yucatán, but also to facilitate contacting you in case of a family emergency.  Register your travel plans with the State Department through a free online service at the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program site. We do not share your information with anyone without your specific approval by means of a Privacy Act Waiver. 

 4.  What should I know if I’m going for Spring Break?

We recommend all travelers look at the “Spring Break in Mexico: Know Before You Go” for information regarding detailed information regarding safety in travel to the resort areas of Mexico

5.  What about travel during hurricane season?

Hurricane season lasts from June 1 – November 30.  During hurricane season, additional information is available at the Department of State’s Travel Information website

Travelers should monitor the weather and register with the consulate so that we can send information if hurricanes threaten the consular district.

6.  What should I know if I’m traveling on business?

Please visit the Overseas Security Advisory Council website.

7.  What if I lose my passport?

Please contact the closest consular agency or the Consulate in Merida during office hours for instructions on applying for a replacement passport.

8.  Who should I contact if I am a victim of crime or have some other emergency that can not wait for office hours?

You should call the closest consular agency or the Consulate to reach the duty officer.  An American officer is on call during non business hours to assist you in your time of need. 

9.  How do I contact the closest consular agency or the Consulate?

See our Contact Information page.

10. Am I covered by Medicare while traveling in Mexico/overseas?  

Generally, Medicare will not cover your medical expenses overseas.  See the limited assistance Medicare can provide.


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